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Common Lesson Topics Include

But Not Limited To


 The Draw


 Training Plans

 Trigger Control



 Review Footage

 Stance Nuances



 Stage Planning

 Sight Alignment


 Competition Q&A

 Mental Game

And More

How it Works

Step 1

Schedule Your Lesson

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  • Choose your preferred date & time
  • Submit payment to confirm your session

Step 2

Complete Your Questionnaire

  • ​You will be given access to a questionnaire upon payment confirmation
  • This questionnaire will help you select all the areas you want to focus on
  • You will also have plenty of space to write in any topics, questions, ect.
  • ​This ensures you get the most out of your lesson and no time is wasted in our meeting 

Step 3

Lesson Day

  • You will be sent an access link to the zoom meeting
  • ​Please log in a few minutes early, verify your laptop or cell phone camera are all set
  • Only thing you'll need in addition to your phone or laptop is your gun/gear ​


  • Replay of Meeting
  • ​Document Outlining the Drills and Steps to Success
  • Post Meeting Follow Up to Ensure your Success

When Results Matter

Have a Coach

It's like anything...

You can try and teach yourself, learning lessons the hard way as you go, or you can learn from those who have not only reached the top themselves, but helped others get there as well.

The latter will undoubtedly fast track your success.

Think about it... Businesses Hire Consultants. Fitness Enthusiasts Hire Trainers. Athletes Hire Coaches. Coaches have always been the proven recipe for success.

Customer Testimonials

What Others Say About Rob's Online Sessions

Google Verified Reviews

I’ve just started training with Rob and I’d like to express my immense gratitude! His passion to the craft is contagious! His commitment to teaching and helping others is truly inspiring! Rob takes time to answer my countless questions making sure I understand and feel confident. He goes the extra mile and extend his support beyond our scheduled sessions. I’m feeling lucky to have this opportunity and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey!

I did an online training with Rob. He greatly reduced my draw time. Taught me a lot in regards to my grip as well. Time and money well spent. It's evident he's knowledgeable, passionate, and equally as important he knows how to transfer the knowledge in a way that makes sense and can be put into practice. It's also amazing what he can identify (in terms of my deficiencies) just through a cell phone camera. Any question I had got answered. I plan on continuing my online lessons and look forward to more.

Rob is a great guy and excellent instructor. He opened my eyes to the problems with the pistol and he was able to find me solutions to fix with his close attention. After a short time of his instruction, I was super comfortable with pistol and cant wait to work with him more!

Had yet another great training session with Rob! This was a virtual training session with terrific insights from Rob. The next morning he sent me an email reviewing the session and points we agreed to work on. In the past I also attended live group training events and it was amazing as well. I highly recommend Rob, I benefit every time we connect.

Scheduling was easy and flexible and lesson was well structured and detailed. Rob did a great job of really finding the key points to emphasize so I know exactly what to work on to improve. Would absolutely recommend if someone is looking for good 1on1 instruction.

Great lesson rob breaks it down Step by step would highly recommend his sessions for all shooters at all levels

My lesson with Rob was excellent! He provided me with corrections, videos, a detailed email filled with information and tips, and addressed all of my concerns. I can't wait for my next session.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this works for me?

Rob has trained first time competitors as well as seasoned vets looking to rank up. He's trained men and women, young and old, and he's been doing it for years. Rob's seen countless people achieve breakthroughs and results, but ultimately, the only way you'll know for sure is to jump in. To take risk out of it, Rob offers a results or money back guarantee. 

 How much can you really diagnose online?

You will likely be surprised how much can be accomplished online, on camera, without live fire. The vast majority of students get much more out of the training than they had even hoped for. Rob has an eye for diagnostics and is able to see and tweak even the subtlest of nuances which can make all the difference. 

 What if Rob doesn't have an answer to my question or a solution for my problem?

In the rare circumstance where Rob doesn't have an answer for you, he will seek one out. Chances are you aren't the only one to struggle on whatever you seek to remedy. Rob can tap into other Grand Masters and trainers he associates with so he can get you the answers you need. 

 What if there are internet connection issues?

While this is extremely rare, hop back on ASAP and we'll make up the time. If you have to restart your router or something that will take more than just a few minutes, shoot me an email or message on IG. If we can't reconnect because your power goes out or some irregular issue, we will schedule a make up date. 

 What time zone are you in?

Rob is located in New York, and works off Eastern Standard time. However he has trained clients all over the US and overseas. Click any of the gold buttons on this page to select a time that would work for you.

 Is there a guarantee?

Yes, Rob stands behind his coaching and wants nothing but results for his clients. Rob offers a results or 100% money back guarantee. For full details, you can scroll down and see the policy below.

What You Can Expect

 One Hour, 1 on 1, With a Grand Master

$100.00 (Value)

 A Tailored to your Needs Training Program you can implement after the training session 

$49.00 (Value)

 Follow Up Report highlighting key bullet points and answers to your questions from the session

$39.99 (Value)

 Replay W/ Lifetime Access & Hosting

$29.00 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $217.99

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If you complete the 1 -1 lesson, review and implement the follow up plan that will be sent to you, reach out with any questions, and if still don't see the results, simply let Rob know, and you'll be refunded 100% of the cost of your lesson.

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